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Robert Jankovich

Robert Jankovich

Ing. Robert Jankovich has been running a farm in the countryside around Zaježová.  He is engaged in  facilitation of workshops on the true community co-creation, he is an author of books Heat of Hell and Coolness of Heaven and Awakening the Dragon. He is also an activist who promotes awareness of the social aspect of sustainabilty and its importance, as well as understanding processes of the true community creation. He is used to lecture on various occasions in Brno, Košice, Prešov, Ružomeberok, Bratislava, as well as at the university in Olomouc. He takes part in the “Community Psychology” conference in Bratislava and the VEGA research project focused on the psychological sense of community. He is devoted to the process oriented psychology techniques, solution focused coaching, and in a long term perspective also to work with the inner quality within the tai chi chuan art. Recently he has been working on a project of a center that involves a community garden and prospectively also community living in the mountains above Banaská Bystrica.


Workshop: Abstract

True community and sustainable society on the Earth

By means of an experiential workshop we will learn about our own inner qualities, experiencing within a group environment, and regularities of community processes. We will create a base for co-survival (90 min) through a sharing circle.

I will introduce my view on the current state of both relationships and civilization. I will also speak about the solution focused approach in so-called Transition initiatives around the world.

“We don't wait till institutions make change instead of us, we may not catch up with that even individually. However together we can make it right on time.”

We will learn about the UN definition of sustainability and explore both source and waste flows including their effect on society and Earth. We will try to understand the emergence of true community quality which offers us possibilities of cooperation with nature – natural forces similar to the social forces located within ourselves.

We will familiarize ourselves with different phases of the CB (community building) process as described by Scott Peck. We will also “taste” an unstructured process that creates an environment for the ancient group dynamics to develop and leads to the sense of community experience.

Finally we will outline other methods of decision making processes leading to the sustainable models, for instance GT (group think), Sociocracy or Dragon Dreaming. Then we will close the circle of joint searching and learning by sharing again.


Workshop 2017 Werner Schütze (DE)

Dr. Werner Schütze:

We wholeheartedly invite you to an experiential workshop, centered on the experience of being in dialogue. The workshop is suited for people who are interested in the field of mental health care, are currently working in the field, or wish doing so in future.

When: 24. - 25. 11. 2017
Where: Brno

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