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Horizons 2016

Horizons 2016 - 3rd international collaborative and dialogical symposium

3rd international collaborative and dialogical symposium on recovery and social change

„Doing Community“

Ostrava, Důl Hlubina (Hlubina Coal Mine)
May 5-7, 2016

 A Collaborative and Dialogic Approach: working with communities

Leila Persaud
 Recovery, the Individual and Community - presentation
 Recovery, the Individual and Community - article

Jasmina Sermijn
 Family process - The Cocreation of Crazy Patchworks: Becoming Rhizomatic in Systemic Therapy

Gaudenz Assenza
 The Krumlovia project
 Catalysing the new renaissance
 Two paradigms of higher education

PROGRAM OF THE SYMPOSIUM HEREProgram in PDF format  List of Contributions in PDF format

SIDE PROGRAM OF THE SYMPOSIUM AND ANNOTATIONS HERE Side program in PDF format   Side program - annotations in PDF format
Side program - annotations (more detail)


As individuals we continually choose among different ways and possibilities for the course of our lives. However, it is impossible to go on in our lives without others. Virtually everything we do does only make sense in context of relationships in which we live. Then with respect to our future it may be preferable not to concern that much to building our own individualities. Rather we may focus on a community that we build together. As John Shotter says:

„The future is not centered in this or that exclusive institute, but is all around us. But for us all to draw on it, we must become a ‘we’: that is the new challenge to us all.“ John Shotter, 1999

Horizons 2016 will represent an open space for sharing activities, projects, ideas and experiences connected to community. Be it communities local or virtual, open or close, lay or professional, oppressed or else, we will be discovering processes that help them maintain diversity and allow for feelings of mutuality and cohesion.

Organizers aim to combine professional knowledge and the lived experience.

Symposium is organized by the Narativ Association in collaboration with:

Taos Institute
International Certificate in Collaborative-Dialogic Practices
Platform for social housing
Platform for complex approach to drug abuse and addictions
Faculty of Social Studies, Ostrava University

Here you can find more information about the symposium's format and title.

Here you can find more information about the venue.

Here you can download poster of the symposium.

Who is Narativ?


Participant fees

Early bird until March 15, 2016: 2500 CZK (date of receipt of payment)
Full rate: 2900 CZK Active participants: 1500 CZK

Ticket Type Price Quantity
Academics, waged pratitioners (until 15 march) 90 € not limited
Academics, waged pratitioners (until 5 May) 110 € not limited
Active participants 55 € not limited
Active participants (students) 40 € not limited
Students of bachelor/master (until 15 march) 50 € limited
Students of bachelor/master 60 € limited
Discount for teams (3+1)   not limited
Unwaged/Asylum Seekers - we have a limited number of places for asylum seekers or unwaged participants. It is important that we allocate places to those most in need. Please email the organiser to discuss reserving a free place at the conference Free limited
Volunteer participants negotiated price limited

How to apply
For application use the form at the end of this page.

Active participation
We offer a possibility of active participation in the symposium. We would be pleased to discuss its actual form with you. In case of interest please send us suggestions regarding your participation at We will decide until February 29, 2016.

More information
If you have any questions please contact us at, in case of urgency contact Pavel Nepustil (+420 777 916 280).

If participation is canceled after April 30, we do not reimburse the paid fee. In case of sign-off after April 30, 2016 we don't refund the fee.


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Workshop 2017 Werner Schütze (DE)

Dr. Werner Schütze:

We wholeheartedly invite you to an experiential workshop, centered on the experience of being in dialogue. The workshop is suited for people who are interested in the field of mental health care, are currently working in the field, or wish doing so in future.

When: 24. - 25. 11. 2017
Where: Brno

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